Thursday, May 15, 2014


It's been a slow and barely noticeable increase and decrease in temperature these past couple of weeks. It's nothing to cry about although I am sure many already are. I had a rare opportunity last night. I was given the chance to sit outside for a bit. I didn't have a thing to do but wait and thus allowed me the chance to take a seat outside, and let me tell you the SoCali nights are amazing. The temperature is awesome! The breeze was blowing a bit warm and  I didn't need a sweater. Normally you cannot sit outside and not see something that makes you begin thinking about one train of thought or other. Someone may approach you depending on the location and begin some exchange or other. This was not the case. Cars went by in the distance headlights turning into fading taillights. For over a half hour. I sat. I felt and saw the breeze go by. I hadn't heard the night in quite a while, I think that is what struck me as pretty cool. The night sounds different than the daytime. I tried to stay in the moment and was successful for some time, but in the end life came a knocking. I had to make some calls see what people were up to. Some people I was generally worried about, more so than others. Life.-manwasIdrunk

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