Sunday, May 11, 2014


How are things going? I hope super good and swell. I am finding myself at a dark place. I think it is just today and I feel it highly unusual. I am glum. Weird.

I used to watch television when feeling weird, and somehow I ended spending waaay too much time watching silly television. I have since done more active things to get out of a dark place I find myself cornered in, one of which is writing it down (doing it as I type). Try it if you need to, what have you got to loose?-I will now attempt a couple of exercises that may help me feel better. I will cuddle a doggy (always works), I will imagine what could be at the bottom of this particular dark emotion, (I imagine it is having to do with feeling trapped financially by a job worthy of this economy), then letting it go. Done. Ah...

    Hey fellas I get feeling down and not knowing what to do about it. I should point out if you are anything like most males, you just bottle it up and go on to the next task. This negative emotion carries on to any task at hand. Take five minutes and acknowledge your emotions. If you have the ability to accept that you have different emotions, you can nurture the ones you want to have more of. You can then rid yourself of the negative ones you can do nothing about. Or at least learn to accept them and come to terms with these. It is what it is. You are as you wish to be.

    -By the way, writing down how I felt bad, made me feel better. I cannot change at this very instant my economic situation but I was able to pinpoint where my generalized bad mood was originating from. Thanks guys-manwasIdrunk

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