Monday, May 12, 2014


    Went out on the weekend, finally. It had been way too long. Nothing big happened, it was just a break from the monotony that we become accustomed to. It was nice, me and friend, we sat around talked about the variances in denim for quite a while, at one point. You know: All the  styles and all the types. Did you know men are wearing white denim Levi's again? There is that greenish dingy blue denim that looks like its sat around a mechanics shop long enough that no matter how often it's washed it will no longer be a true blue. I haven't seen it by Levi's. It's pretty cool, though. I've picked up a jacket. Dudes are still wearing those designer type o' jeans, in droves. The jeans that look like they were sprayed with bleach in strategic strokes. Sometimes in the front of leg, sometimes along back of leg. The bedazzled pocket may have a longer shelf life than many wished. The acid washed jean, gone away for a cool minute, is in with a vengeance. Apparently many grew up surrounded by individuals wearing these, and were just sitting around, waiting for a chance to pounce and make it fashionable, again. The trend it seems, is just beginning, sooo it will be a while before it again makes another disappearing act, slinking away like a speleckled snake wearing a a top hat. Silly.-manwasIdrunk!

"Artistic Intentions No. 1" © (REC)2 2014

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