Wednesday, December 11, 2013


    What is going on my dear raspberry filled churros? Are you getting all things done that need to be done?Come on! let's get on it, days are ticking away! Just kidding, days seem to just be dashing by around this time of year, don't worry. Keep up the good work, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and before you know, the new year will begin and we can make plans for then. For now just remember to stay happy and be thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon us, daily. Enjoy your loved ones and make time to spend time with them, keeping in mind that this season is about spending time with loved ones and the price of gifts given should be of no consequence. Homemade cards and gifts seem so much better that store bought, anyways, so don't overspend if you can. As a last note, I cannot stress enough though, fellas, please do not forget to be extra kind to yourself, don't be so hard on yourself, give yourself a break, you are not stupid, you are not ugly or fat, you are you, and you deserve to be happy during this season, also, so take it easy and  enjoy-manwasIdrunk

Compared to the strong solid and elegant feel of Beach House, with their clear phrasing, and powerful vocals, this Crystal Castles record comes off sounding like what I imagine a computer virus sounds like. It's controlled chaos. It is a virus that displays pacman, furrys and Vicky the robot on a loop. It's a gremlin, it's a goblin. It's mischievous and tricky. Damn, It's so much fun.

    FELLAS!!!, how are you? Did you get a chance to listen to the CRYSTAL CASTLES album? I hope so, but you will have all week, here at man was I drunk. I point out that this is a fun album and I am aware that it is not a new one. I am aware of that. I do know that I have never heard any tracks on here getting decent radio play. I am not simply complaining, about the lack of variety on radio, or it's many faults and missed opportunities, I also celebrate this Crystal Castles album, having said that, I will point out that radio greed and lack of vision or cultural value played a big part in the demise of radio, and its evidently not getting better any time soon. They have no one to blame but themselves, they've painted themselves into a corner, if you will, gotten people used to the same music and any variation is a death knoll, sigh. Now every time I turn on the radio I hear dj's with desperate voices, trying to hold your attention by being risque or outrageous, when in reality if they would have been allowed to take musical risks, they would have been tons more interesting. Now, we have a radio that is unbearable for more than five minutes at a time. In case anybody wants to know what a standard radio station in Los Angeles sounds like in 2013 (and yes there is now a standard format) I will attempt to demonstrate. Imagine listening to the same five songs played over and over. Depending on the time of day, they might throw in some flashback song that was played so often, it's never really been missed. You will here (here? here? really?-hear)the band SUBLIME, or QUEEN at least once a day, and the songs played will be the same two or three songs that are always played. The majority of 'new' music sounds very similar for the most part. For some reason most songs and bands have similar many-voiced choruses and insist on chanting 'hey!' or 'ho!' or both or some combination of that. Someone said these bands all sound like ARCADE FIRE, but that is simply not true, I am always surprised by THE ARCADE FIRE, I really like them, these other bands I cannot tell apart. And these other bands get airplay, not so for AF. I only point this out because once again, Crystal Castles is pretty good and interesting, yet I never heard them played. Here is your chance, though, to listen to this band, don't feel like an idiot, or pissed if, like me, you never heard them before. It's not your fault. If you are like me, in that you like and you are open to different types of music and this is something new to you, well them, sit back relax (I dare you try) and enjoy this trippy little piece of work.- manwasidrunk

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