Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday -Crystal Castles - Love and Caring

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Crystal Castles - Love and Caring

Crystal Castles - Love and Caring

My dear blueberry pancackes I have always loved the song How deep is your love, by The Brothers Gibb, aka The BeeGees. It is just one of many songs by the BEE GEES, that were timeless and so full of emotion. You throw in your own memories and you've got a full on experience every time you hear it, if you want. I cannot help but be a child about it every time I hear it, and even though I sing it through all the time every time, I still talk over the chorus and ask: " Hey there!, mind if I check to see how deep is your love?" Let's talk tomorrow about what it meant to be more than a woman. manwasIdrunk

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