Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Dear sweet chocotacos, I lay here in bed upside down putting pen to paper and I am hoping to find you in good spirits. I am just kidding, what is this a Nancy Drew mystery? Nope. No mystery here. I am on the Metro Redline, flying beneath the City of Angeles, like some kind of urban super-mole. Maybe a caped gopher. I have been so busy getting things done around the apartment, running out of time every night, catching up with friends, trying to schedule some kind of get-togethers, maybe some dinner, or some lunch dates. It can only mean one thing: END OF THE YEAR. That is right, we made it to the end of another year. Let us not complain about how we look older, or fatter. We made it to another year!! Saddly, many did not. We will miss them. They are still alive in our collective memories. Physically they cannot do what you and I are capable of: change. So while we still are able to, let us take command of our lives and be happy. Let us affect and change the world with hope and positivity. There is always something that will need to be done in this world. Fact. Maybe the environment needs assistance, maybe poverty is too big, accepted, so pick a cause, any cause, and do a little every day to assist that cause, and effectively change things. This is your world; COME ON DOWN!



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