Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday- Why are we not getting what we voted for? We want healthcare.

What a wonderfully haunting little album. I cannot believe I have never heard this on the radio. Some of the stuff on here should have been played a while back. What did you guys think of the voice? Unique. Deep. I keep hearing this voice even when not listening to this. I hope you guys are liking that we are listening to some new music together. This stuff is new to me, as well. I play it 'cause I find it compelling and for whatever reason I am drawn to it. I am not professionally trained to look out for new music, except for a lifetime listening, no,  loving all types of music. Some songs have just resonated with me so powerfully that I have put them away in my mental Rolodex, for when I need or want to please the senses. Different music for different occasions, you know. But new music is all around us, always. I don't, and won't accept being force-fed terrible terrible music. Bad music I may not notice, but terrible music on rotation will almost always infuriate me, for wasting my time while taking up valuable space.

MARINE: Super hot AND super cool - (link as requested) check out his blog:

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