Saturday, October 19, 2013


I am posting this from my phone. I am currently away from my computer. How are you guys doin?

Hey fellas, I am in the middle of cleaning my room and doing some laundry(most of it, really). I will post as we uodate in real time my chores and duties, that keep my life moving forwardi am in a fresh scented manner;). Manwasidrunk -Saturday 10:47 am

Hey fellas, I am taking a break from cleaning, my computer is moved and unavailable still, I am wating some mexican food (a torta, it looks amazing). It is a sandwich essentially, but it is the national mexican sanwich, because of its bread, and contents; panela cheese, ham, and the classic refried bean torta. Very simple ingredients, highly dependant on their quality. Easily ruined by one off ingredient.

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