Friday, October 18, 2013


Well?? What did you guys think of the music?? I am ssoo ecxited by this music. I can honestly say that all the full albums on here, in the past few weeks, are new albums to me, that I seriously enjoy, fully. I want to own them all, if I don't already. I hope you guys are enjoying some of the bands on here. In all seriousness, my amigos (spanish for taquitos... again, not really, you guys) if you listen to any if these albums more than once, they sound amazing. Some songs really stand out, but the whole piece, seems good enough to replace most of the stuff passing itself off as new music on the radio. The DRUMS album is so bouncy and fun, even the sadder songs kind of bop along, in a good way;the way soft cell songs worked.

These newer albums are paired with some modern classic albums that, even if you don't own, you should have access to, and are exposed to, just to balance out the terrible, awfull music that was played in it's place.

The MODEST MOUSE album is just about perfect, even the cover art holds my attention for whole periods in time. The fact that Johnny Marr (from you guys know the band, I won't even mention) plays with them on and off, is just super beyond the point of awesome. It's a weird album from a weirdly awesome American band.


The Drums-The Drums(Full Album)-HD

Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News (Full Album)

Howdy Amigos (spanish for, not really). I am so glad the government shut down is over. I cannot stress, or begin to convey my relief, and joy, actually. I trully hope some of you guys out there, in this great world, do not experience the levels of ineptitude from your elected officials as we are seeing in the present day in these parts. It just baffles the mind until my head aches. But we are setting in for the long haul. Because we are positive about the future, and we are looking forward to the future. We want to find the solutions to overpopulation, green-house effects, overfishing, environmental pollution, and mental illness. We want to see the future unfold, while we have to deal with idiots that want nothing more than to turn back the clock. We deal, though, like the loved family member, in every family, that needs (for many different reasons) a little extra attention. We deal. Get this through your loved head, though: WE ARE GOING INTO THE FUTURE, whether you like it or not, so put on your car seat belt.

Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (2009) Full Movie 720p HD

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