Wednesday, January 9, 2013


As we go onto this new year, I've got nothing but well wishes for you guys. I know this year could be so the year for every thing to happen. to make it memorable and all we could ask for in a year. That includes but is not limited to making more money. Making up some new dance routines that would make the dance community stop, drop and roll in amazement. Yes we will be more alert as to what happens politically and socially and make sure the Noho is the place to be. That does not impede us from being kick ass at any endeavour we'd like to take on. Wanna re-create the first Lord of the Rings movies in your local neighborhood park casting your friends and unemployed relatives as hobbits and trolls? Don't let us stop you. Get to it. Just send us a picture. I'm so excited for you guys, this is your new year. Aren't you excited? For your endless possibilities? Just be sure to pick one successful venture at a time. Visualize its success and enjoy it fully before your next success. You guys are so gonna be the shit this year. Sorry about the missing's all good.

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