Thursday, January 24, 2013

Internet providers are turds, los Angeles-Thursday

It occurs to me that recently, I've not mentioned that all internet providers, in the Los Angeles, area (and I'm pretty sure everywhere else), are turds. Yup, I said it: companies that have no interest in their employees, their customers for sure and are run solely on the principal notion to never upset their investors are pieces of shit. It also occurred to me that once they have some serious competition  (which I hope will be very soon), we dissatisfied folk, will leave them without a second thought. And that they suffer horribly embarrassing downfalls that may somehow have the taste of old wine ('cause it sucks so much), and somehow involve robots and laser beams. That would be just fine with me. Internet providers and all big companies that we have to put up with daily, and that don't have a clue about customer service are terrible.

    What is up my NachitosDelgrande? I've been having such a great year, getting so much done that I can't help but sprinkle some of that happy glitter in your general direction. Yes, I'm still a bit upset by the behavior of some of these bigger companies, nearly monopolies, rather. But I won't obsess. I'll just do a little shout out, a little calling them on their bullstuffin'. I know some ( if not tons ) of you guys have had it up to here (I'm pointing to my bellies ) with frustration when dealing with most companies, now. Screw that! Let's call 'em on their shit. Like any good friend, or concerned parent. Yay!!-we've got another phase!!

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