Saturday, January 19, 2013


My dear sugar dusted empanados, I would like the opportunity to be the first to tell you, in case no one else has had the chance, to tell you, or in case you have a fear of the outside, that today was a beautiful day! No, today was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!, that's more like it. Today is a great day to get some sun. It's a great day to begin a new exercise routine or just change the pace and do it outside. Today is a great day to walk your dog, or just walk some one else's  dog. Borrow one from a friend, and do all three of you a favor. Today is a great day for mowing the lawn, if there is such a day. Today was perfect heading out to the local swap meets. Having a hot dog or hot chocolate would have been just perfect, as it was cool enough and hot enough, for either, or both even. Today was a perfect day for dusting, I just opened the window and the wind did most of the work. I played some good music loud in appreciation. Love it.
    Tell us do you have any big plans for the new year?- Don't be afraid to make big plans, but also don't fear that writing daily or continuing with a work out regiment from last year is too small. It's not. Working steadily at a task towards a bigger picture, even if that bigger picture is peace and quiet, is great. Make some plans and stick to them, we'd love to hear about them. Let's go.

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