Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Feb 20, 2017

Here we go chimichangos of love! We have arrived at the beginning of the work week,  Monday. Unless you work retail or in the service sector (hello, yes), in that case your work week starts at any time, any day. Sorry. More and more jobs are of the service sector,  so more and more of our work weeks will not be Mon-Fri. But Monday is here regardless of the schedule and it's raining. Friday night my shoes were soaked and made that hilarious squeak every step I took walking in the front door. Squeak, squeak. I'll admit,  it was not so hilarious that night,  however, it is now HAHAHAHA. Ready for a new round,  how about you guys,  are you guys ready for Monday?? Well C'mon then! Let's vamonos! Manwasidrunk

The NFL has made it official that they will now recognize same sex couples on their kiss cam so that everybody can celebrate love

The NFL showcased its first same-sex couple in a kiss cam last year. And in an ad for Love Has No Labels, a campaign created in partnership with the Ad Council and R/GA, it announced its efforts to zoom in on a greater variety of people.

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