Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday May 24, 2016


Gooooood morning. It is Tuesday. It is a great day on the way. All things look good and ready for an amazing day. Maybe today is the day that we get things done. I may or may not finally get around to becoming the astronaut I was always meant to be, you never know so we'll see. I have been feeling pretty spaced out recently.  Besides, I already have the astronauts 'walking on the moon' pace for walking everywhere I go. So it looks like a good day all around. How are you guys doing? Trying anything wild at work this Tuesday? Maybe you will finally wear some of that lipstick for men you bought a while back. Well the week is still young, just keep us posted here at Manwasidrunk. Are you guys ready? Because here we gooooooo!





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