Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday May 19, 2016

Hey hey hey there my tiny berry filled pastries. It's Thursday we have made it. I feel like we still have so much energy to tackle the day and what's left of the week before the weekend begins. I do not feel as tired as I had been feeling. I'm not back to my 100% thanks to allergies taking a toll on my senses. I am now used to feeling a stuffy nose and difficulty catching a clear breath and I haven't really tasted my food in a month. That's okay because I do remember what it tastes like ;-)    

    My dear teeny tiny dancers while I have been telling you about the book I'm reading,  Johnny got his gun-by Dalton Trumbo,  I have not given you a proper warning. I was shocked by the subject of the book because it is made clear soon as you start,  then the protagonist's story and journey is well underway. So be warned it is something shocking when you realize the condition of the main character. It should not stop you from getting and reading this feverish work of art. Ready?-Manwasidrunk

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