Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Clinton-Sanders? Trump? Wednesday Mar 2, 2016

Hello and good morning my puffy sweet peach filled pastries. America is officially in transition. We have set in motion the process that will affect our next four years (at a minimum). I cannot overemphasize the weight of the severity this process has, and the possible directions we can take. I can say that the whole world seems to be in transition but the worlds leadership (always a gamble) seems to be loosing its hold on things. We seem to lack a clear view of the direction that the world is headed in. It seems like everyone is busy putting out fires in their backyards, too busy to worry about their part in environmental havoc, overpopulation, religiously motivated warfare. WOW.
   I know. We got an election that can seem like it's too loaded. This is your sober moment, chimichangos, you know we have to grow up and make time to educate ourselves about the candidates. There is a lot of hate being tossed around under the guise of patriotism and self preservation. We are many tribes that have to share the same drinking hole. Overlapping is inevitable. Tribe mixing is assured! Let's make sure that drinking hole is not dried out by corporations or pushy, bullying leaders with a God Complex. The world is yours, like it is mine. Claim it. Defend it. We only have this one. What would we do without it?
SuperBowlWorldSeriesWorldCup- ALL IN ONE. vote. Manwasidrunk

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