Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Mar 8,


Hello and good morning my little sponge cakes! It is Tuesday. I have got a couple of things cooking. I'm working on a few things around the apartment. Foremost is this:staying in the moment. It appears that the half year I spent working 2 jobs made me always be on the move. Always planning my schedule and where I had to be next. I was never in one spot long enough to stay in the moment I was in. I always had somewhere else I was supposed to be, something else I had to be doing. I remember always thinking "...alright let's see what's next and what do I need to get to do the task". Rarely did I enjoy a moment for the sake of that moment. Always: whats next. Now I don't have two jobs. I have a little free time, but I cannot get into the moment. I'm still wondering what's next on my list. I'm still doing things in a hurried fashion, half-assed enjoying even my meals. So this is now important to my day: stay in the moment. Enjoy your meal. Sit down, when you eat your meals. I am also trying to fix my closet (YAY) and get some other things around the apartment done. Take it easy, sit down, and wish me luck, I'll do the same. Manwasidrunk.





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