Thursday, May 28, 2015

MECANO -WHO IS?- Thursday

 I am currently listening to this influential Spanish band called MECANO. This one song in particular, that I am stuck on, however. Initially it's about the crashing of some party. Being enthralled by the snacks the food,  all the colored lights and COCA COLA for everyone! But then falling for some pretty girl, then finding someone who'll introduce you. Although I figure if you've already crashed the party decorum and manners are probably not very high on your priorities, so introduce yourself. I know if I was a pretty girl at a party wearing a frilly 1980's dress, or an androgynous soldier boy/girl, I would be thrilled to meet a rebel. It was the 80's. That's what people did.
   I like the synthesizer sounding like and organ much like Visage and the singers' high voice. I've always been fascinated by her smallish voice, so cute. It's from 1982, wow, it all looks so bizarre now ENJOYmanwasIdrunk.

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