Tuesday, August 5, 2014





So What is up my little chimichangos!?! Long time no speak! I just had a weekend that was filled with rain. Seems hardly like SoCali weather, I know. It is true however, that the whole weekend was consumed with the idea of rain if not actual water falling from the skies. It was overcast the whole weekend and it did rain in certain areas, including here for a bit. Overall though, it was the idea of rain that just hung in the air, along with a high humidity. I liked it tons, especially in the evening when it finally cooled down and the breezes began to come in. I loved it!! It was like we were on a vacation on some far away foreign weird place discovering new things at every turn, it was as if we were in a bad neighborhood of Florida! loved it! So tell me what is up with you guys still enjoying the Summer? I hope so, 'cause it's ON! -MANWASIDRUNK



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