Thursday, August 28, 2014


What is going on, fellas??? I hope life is being more than fair with you all. I hope life plays a fair game this time and it allows you to win more than a few hands in this game. I hope you win. I hope you feel like a winner, and are happy winning, and hold on to that sense of winning. May you always feel like a winner. I would like to take this opportunity to just give thanks for this day. This chance to change anything I don't agree with and am able to change. I would like to be thankful for this beautiful weather that has graced us, this weather that has been anything but constant. It has been like that box of chocolates that we all love sooo much. One day is dry and blindingly hot, next is humid and overcast. Every day has been amazing. Today, at this very moment you may be reading this, is no exception. Take a breather, relax even if you've been forced to relax through unemployment or other social or physical malady. Take a minute (or five) to really relax, stress-free and with gusto. Hasn't anyone told you recently, you only live once? Enjoy your day guys -ManwasIdrunk.


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