Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday - Echo And The Bunnymen


ON so many levels does this song kick butt. It's funny and fun, not exactly what people think of when speaking of Echo and The Bunnymen. The 1980's would have sucked sooo much more without them. The famous shiny, jangly guitars by Will Sergeant seemed to have met their match on this tune by being forced to groove uniquely and well, I should point out by a driven bass, and then the drums demanding a furious pace be kept: especially obvious on the live version. Watch Pete punish the heck out of those drums. What a joy it is to hear good songs played, regardless of time gone by. To see a good song played well, live, well that's just lucky. This song is fucking sexy as hell, and Ian of course knows a thing or two about being crazy-sexy and cool.
WEIRD. How this song can not only hold it's own against most ANY music today, is weird and speaks volumes as to why so many bands aspire to sound this good. ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN. Still around and touring.

Echo & The Bunnymen - With A Hip (Live)







Echo & The Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here 

Echo & The Bunnymen - With A Hip

Nobody's allowed
Strictly verboten
Out, out, out, out
Of course we know no bounds
Until, at least, and then
Trespass all the way down
They got it
And I want some
I can handle it
And I want some

Feel the pleasure inside
Error and trial
Collide, collide
You'll listen
I don't expect you to
We've lost
And something's all we can do
With a hip-hip-hop
And a flip-flap-flop
Gonna steal some bananas
From the grocer's shop
With your head in the clouds
And your trousers undone
Gonna shit on the carpet
Just like everyone

This is the one for the money
This is the one for the trees
This is the one called Heaven
And this is the one for me

You've yet to discover
Discover the difference
The difference between
The moral and motto

They've got it
And I had some
I couldn't handle it
But I had some

Hold it in the light
And see right through it
For God's sake
Make a decision
Take it for a walk
And hold it hold it
Pin it on the wall
And fasten onto
Move into the bathroom
Oh yes, oh yes
Do what must be done
And don't say maybe

This is the one for the money
This is the one for the trees
This is the one called Heaven
And this is the one for me


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