We're getting used to getting in shape, finally. It feels really great to be able to get up early in the morning and get in a good mood, 'cause you know one doesn't always wake up in the best mood. Waking up early enough to get in the mood to do anything, is easy. The waking up early part is the key. Once you do it, and are not in a hurry, it is easy to allow yourself to get in a good mood. Give yourself permission to be happy, to enjoy your day. Allow yourself happiness while still getting the things done that will make you go forward with your life. These things are possible.They are things that simply require you to take the time to change how you feel if you had inadvertently become impatient, grumpy, isolated and were solely consumed by getting through the day. Your days don't have to about just getting by. This makes one unhappy. Make your days count. Enjoy your days. Allow yourself to be happy. Fifteen minutes a day to change your approach to life, can change you. Are you ready?