Thursday, November 28, 2013


    My sweet and tender guava drops, I am so happy to be here a year later and I am so hoping you are in the best mood, frame of mind, and overflowing with positive thoughts and plans. I for one would like to take this opportunity to give my thanks to all of you that continue to follow and those newer followers of this experience we are on, this experience that I like to call manwasidrunk. THANK YOU GUYS! I am also thankful for the ability to breathe and continue to be able to post daily. I am thankful that my desire to highlight big companies with bad track records, whether environmentally, or socially, hasn't put you guys off. I am thankful that my need to remind myself on here to remain involved socially, politically, and vote, and register to vote over and over hasn't put you guys off. GUYS, Let's get ready for whatever life has in store for us. Let us celebrate when possible and called for, the rest of the time let's remain quick on our toes, happy healthy, and aware of our effects on everything and everyone around us. -manwasidrunk.

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