Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Subpop records suck. Wednesday -HERE'S Florence + The Machine - Florence + The Machine -Lungs

Well well well, it looks like it's going to be a good week guys, but I have to warn you: Be ready for anything! Greatness can come from anywhere, any direction and in any form. It can be you that stumbles on it this week. When you are open to positive things and for petes sake, smile more (you guys look way better when you do), did you guys see the dudes dancing in bubble suits?

I really wanted you guys to hear the Beach House album IN BLOOM but Subpop records, removed the posting from  Youtube. But in the mean time , you can hear these songs from the album. Subpop are not monsters I imagine, I just wanted you guys to hear the album that I hadn't been able to stop listening to for a a week +. In any event these tracks should let you get a pretty good idea of the album's feel. IT IS AWESOME!!!!. get it when you have some cash to spend on music. It's worth it fo' sho'.

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