Thursday, June 20, 2013


    I know sometimes it might become overwhelming to have so many things on a plate, so many things you want to do and probably wish you had already done. I know that's where I'm at. The best way to get stuff done, that works for me, is to write a list down with the stuff that just keeps nagging at you to get done. On one paper write down short term stuff that needs to already be done and isn't, and a long term list that is a bit more time-friendly. Start planning how and when to get these things done. Post this note where you can constantly see it, I have a list on my desk, that is very legible from quite a distance so that I can see it even if I just happen to just glance at my desk. Most importantly, cross out items as they get finished. It will serve as a visual reminder of accomplishments (which are very effective motivators), and will not let you forget of what still needs to be done.Just sayin'- man was I drunk!

    You'll never guess who's been attending graduations and weddings left and right? -Yours truly- RURU    ( I'm trying out that nickname, because it sure beats what some folks have been calling me when they think I'm not paying attention).  Okay I attended one graduation, and no weddings yet, but what a graduation!      CONGRATULATIONS to all the graduates!

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