Sunday, June 9, 2013



I have and will continue to drop companies that do not meet the needs required to function in these amazingly modern times. These times they are a changin' as a singer once said on an episode of So you think you can dance? A company has got to, not just talk the talk, it's gotta put on the boots to walk the walk. I'm sick of these companies that spend a good chunk of money on commercials that tell us over and over how they want our business back. They want us to shop and buy their products. What they need to do is hire more people. Companies need to hire people that can help with assistance when you shop at these stores, instead of airing these commercials. They need to hire people that talk English when you spend your lunch break trying to get through to customer service. Companies do need to be more responsible with the communities they serve and serve them. Just saying.

Supposedly he also goes up to people in restaurants, takes a bite off their plate, and tells them “no one will ever believe you”
this man is amazing

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