Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TUESDAY 2 platic-RECYCLES for life.

Garbage Island - 65min Documentary Trailer

    I don't want to be a downer, or a lefty OR any other bad name that is being flung around for people that want to make the world a better place. I want to use the internet powers for good. Also, I just think that if you follow these postings you have to enjoy seeing the world through a different angle than most people. Or you are amused by my point of view. I consider myself to be a responsible human being that wants to be an active member of society and a person who likes to change and move toward being a better person than I was. I believe most  type of social activity is contagious I'd like to bring people along on my journey that is at times funny and littered with beauty but it is above all, unimportant if not about sharing. This whole experiment in blogging is about me being the best person I can be and sharing my experiences and exercises in being a better person and sharing my hopes and fears and desires so they don't just die in the whirlwind of my mind.
    I share with you through this public forum, things that are striking, that make me feel better. Things that I have learned. I truly believe knowledge is power. The ability to share what I know and find out, that may be of use to somebody now or further along is huge and secretly I consider it an honor and I'm flattered somebody besides myself would read it, I thank you.
    Rarely will I insist somebody do something because I know how it feels to be told to do stuff and be stuff. I automatically used to go to my fuck you mindset. But sometimes things just make sense, and I drop everything and pay attention and I immediately know what to do next. I wont go on and on about politics, I promise. I would like to urge you, as a favor, you take the time to see this movie. It is called Garbage Island, it was made maybe on some kind of joke or dare by the people of Vice , if you don't know Vice, please see : http://www.vice.com/vice/dnd/2266
the trip and journey itself if not very professionally done, but the result is garbage and how it gets there in the middle of nowhere. Plastic and it's resulting harm. I understand we need plastics and they are essential in some situations, but the degree at which it is now used and discarded is so pricey for such a cheap material. I'm not saying you change everything about you now and forever again never use plastic. I'm just saying please watch this and in the future, if you can think of a way to affect change in this area, well... let us know.I' know I'm open to any suggestions that make change happen. I would say enjoy but I don't don't see how. How about the more you live the more you learn?- OKAY!!
 For now I'll keep recycling as I've been doing for years. Sometimes it's harder than others I know. AND like all things it goes in and out of fashion (Fuck! I HATE FASHION). Now it's called being green it just used to be called recycling but that is not catchy enough, I got it, cool, whatevs. So keep it in the back of your head and think about a way to use less plastic, and do share, it's what keeps us together. See you soon.

Garbage Island - 65min Documentary 

thank you

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