Monday, August 1, 2011

Not a professional opinion

Awright. Can't ignore the elephant in this room. Writing anything with alcohol or drug abuse connotations to it, at this time (Amy Winehouse's sad passing, the ads they keep posting on this site ) , as truly unrelated as it may seem, I can't help but point out:  drinking and numbing oneself with substances to a degree that it affects your day to day is not good. Once again, not good. We have all been in situations that required a drink or two for it's wonderful calming effects. I have also been in situations that prolonged the calming effects for a long, long time (the calming effects seem to lessen as you continue to use more frequently by the way). So as a rule, If a friend or relative you genuinely trust and enjoy, mentions your habit and suggests you slow down, it's probably not good. Be mad, and process it however you process unpleasant informations, then swallow your pride and ask for help if you need it. If you can't go a day without alcohol or "medicines" (the illegally obtained and/or legally manufactured variety), you probably need it. Go to a free program available locally to most. Go to Rehab. If you can afford it. Follow their rules and get a grip. E-mail me if you have any questions.
This is not meant as a slam on people who drink or take drugs. Anyone who's ever had someone they love in the terrible grips of abuse knows what desperation truly looks like. They also know how hellishly strong a hold it can have on people you used to know and like. Similarly anything habit forming not kept in check  can easily spiral out of control. And you want to be around to see things get better. We might need you someday. You never know.Okay? okay.
This is one of my favorite songs, with such an uplifting tune , it echos all day. It's originally done by the Zutons. But this, this version is big. This version is Amy and she's not in the video, sadly. 

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  1. I Love this song, so sad that she'd passed away too young.