Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here you go

Take a load off, kick off your shoes, let the breeze go through the curtains and enjoy the moment. Have a seat with a drink and give thanks for all that you are and are not. Or take your partners' hand and firmly and steadily slow dance all their complaints away, even if you don't dance. In their ears you might whisper... sssshhhhhhut up. Let all the tension  begin to slip away with every badass note. on this style council classic: The Paris Match, with Tracy Thorn on Vocals before she was The Tracy Thorn that we know now. Tomorrow? well that's another day.    Ruben

Or If you prefer deep, country male vocals to do your relaxing and ...stuff: here you go

But( and that is a big butt), if you prefer to relax with a little more bouncing and dancing well then...BAM!
Here you are.

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