Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Sep 19, 2016

    My little BouncySpongeCakes,  am caught up! This week, for now, I am caught up. It is seldom this way. Chaos and frenetic bumbling is more the order of the day in recent months and honestly years.
I am going to appreciate this moment for the fleeting snapshot of time that it is. The reality, that is the white bordered Polaroid picture that immediately after revealing itself, is in the past; gone and dated. I will accept this for what it really is: NOT normal.  Normally I have been running out of time, it seems, running around late and running myself down. I have been preoccupied with worry about not getting things done, tiring myself. Too tired to follow through on the worrying, but ready for a new round of worrying as soon as I wake. Such is life. For this moment I am caught up! What is next? I am ready. How about you guys are you guys ready for the week? Let's get this party started! Manwasidrunk

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