Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Aug 31, 2016

Well we made it people! Let's give ourselves a great big round of applause and congratulations,  it's Wednesday! WootWoot. We've got a holiday weekend coming up here in the United States (unless you work in the retail business-because then, holidays mean SALES SALES SALES! Perfect time to get in some overtime,  at the cost of some family time WootWoot). Sadly, retail sales and the service sector are the only jobs that grew tremendously,  so maybe we'll all be working retail quite soon. Enough doom and gloom though, let's get ready for the rest of the week then we'll take care of the weekend!  Are you guys ready? Manwasidrunk

Radiohead - Kid A (8-bit) [FULL ALBUM]

wowcito (wow )

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