Thursday, June 23, 2016

#NoBillNoBreak-Thursday Jun 23, 2016



Gooooood Thursday morning my little churros/churritos! You get a new knick name a delayed (second post) posting because shit is going down. Things are finally getting done. It was not business as usual in the house as Democrats stage a sit in. Wowcito! I am sooo excited that my feelings are finally being represented in my Government. Great to see nicely dressed politicians with sleeping bags settling in for a rough time. We all have been roughing it these past couple of years, just watching politics be a look the other way forum when it comes to gun control laws. Assault weapons specifically,  we want something done! I'm ready, how about you guys are you guys ready? LET'S GO - Manwasidrunk

Look out for the kitty!!!!   He's got a knife!!!

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