Tuesday, November 17, 2015



 My dear sweet and tasty chimichangos!  How goes it this week? It's a new week and new things can and will happen. Let's make sure that we are ready. Let's make sure our laundry is done our grocery shopping is finished and we have and drink plenty of water. Just to be ready for anything without having to find something clean to wear, or being without a proper bean sandwich, protein, carbs, good to go.  It is a way bit windy for my taste but I guess"el niño"is trying to teach us about the environment. THANK YOU"EL NIÑO".
    I got new shoes, you guys. I really like them. Can you tell? Adidas brought back this style and I died. Then I revived myself and dug deep into my bank account and got them. Not as expensive as I remember them being. They are sexy as hell! Whoot whoot! Manwasidrunk.




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