Sunday, October 18, 2015


Well I guess it's a good thing that the wet and cold weather has not reached us here in the SoCali because I feel like rocking out to something a little blue a little wailing. Something busy being mad or sad. With effort. With force. Con Huevos! I feel like listening to some music that sounds like some work went into making it sound woefully, sad tuneful even angry. Soo... imagine if the weather were worse? What A Bore.
    My dear chimichangos how are you? I find that Sundays sometimes I can be nostalgic. How are you guys?  I gotta do some cleaning (I expect months of this). I will listen to music and have a good old time at it. I am ready. Are you guys ready? Enjoy today tremendously and let's get ready for the week. Cool? Cool.

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