Tuesday, September 1, 2015




Early tummy Tuesday.

New week, new opportunities, more chances. Take 'em all. Leave no chances and opportunity on the table. Take it all. It's your life, so it's your choice. Become what you know you can be. What you've been wanting to be. What you dream of being. Take the first step and don't look back.

Swiggity swooty

I find having no time in general makes me desperately quick when I have a minute. I do more in less time. This weekend was NICE. It was hot and I was sweating throughout every moment I was awake. I sweat even more while I rested in sleep, I felt; soaking t-shirts. I have become used to sweating at all time and during every activity. It's nice. I enjoy the heat. I appreciate a dry heat that feels like a blow dryer cooling down my sweat in the evening. All I need is a cool drink over ice and I'm in a Truman Capote short story. How are you all doing, my little HOT TAMALES?? I'm still in Los Angeles, enjoying the benefits of Being an ANGELENO.


I tried

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