Monday, July 14, 2014


    AAAAHHHUUUUAAA!!!!! What is up fellas?? THE HEAT IS ON. You know how I know? Besides alerts that SOCALI is in its third year of a drought being aired all the time on radio and all sorts of media, I cannot stop sweating. It is glorious, truly. As soon as I take a shower I am again slowly forming small rivers flowing steadily down my back and front. I am prepared this year as I began drinking at least a gallon of water in a day, a months back. Remember I mentioned a while ago that I was keeping my eye on my weight to see If I lost any weight without resorting to diet because my daily activities had increased and I had dropped some pounds? (It's ok if you don't remember, I had forgotten myself). It turns out I lost no more pounds. But because of gradual changes I enacted to see if results would increase, changes that include drinking more fluids, eating more foods with natural fiber; fruits and vegetables. I know many diets fail because too much changes are done at once. Changes can cause stress if grouped with any other stressors (and life will freely hand those out, folks), in your daily activities. I did not cut out eating my favorite go-to comfort foods (Hello THRIFTY'S black cherry or mint 'n chip ice cream- special shout out to CAPN' CRUNCH peanut butter or original cereal and of course almond milk- whoot! whoot! Couldn't have made it this far without your help- mua [as i mouth "thank you" to my box of cereal~wink wink] ). I still eat that stuff all the time. Only thing is now because I have gotten used to water and all other forms of benign fluids (you know what I mean, don't pretend you don't know the difference between a supersized coca cola and a homemade lemonade with lesser and lesser sugar when summer hits. the trick to switching? Have it ready always- condensed frozen juice as an ice cube ready to go whenever you walk out your door. Pop it in a water bottle, fill with water or more ice, your choice and viola! No need to pay hard earned cash to purchase artificially sweetened toxins in some beverage when thirst hits- you beat that problemo), my body actually craves liquids, now. I didn't realize I substituted foods and sweets when my body actually craved fluids. I've done that so often, it was a habit. A habit I've almost eliminated. I almost can, now, quickly chug a quarter gallon of water (thanks in great part to my early training as a MICKEY'S bigmouth drinking competitor [BTW I never won that competition, no one ever does really, in that race there is only loss]). 
So I'm just getting used to the sweating part, but seriously that is an awesome occurrence, sweating and realizing that I drink so much water, that I should be in awesome shape. Seriously, a great thing seeing as I sweat non-stop during this season. I am thankful that I do sweat so much. I feel like my pores are always sweating clean.
    So we are here once again fellas, sweating season! Don't let anyone shame you about sweating too much. It's all good. Rid yourself of toxins and stuff through sweating. Just remember, we're human, were supposed to sweat. Don't forget to drink plenty of liquids. It's summertime!!!!!

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