Monday, February 4, 2013


    Friends just have a special way of making us smile, don't they? Yea,It's not always the case, of course. Sometimes they can flat out make us disconnect our phones (or go straight to voicemail, really). But overall we've gotta be thankful for them, and sometimes it's for our own good. I've slowly lost friends over the years. I've made new friends, too. I find gaining friends is harder and takes longer, the older you get. So today, I really am truly thankful of the ones I have. Making it a point to have them around me as much as time allows. Shout-out to all those people who like people. They really are the luckiest people ; ) in the world.

    You may not always be in a feisty mode or in the mood to complain, and that makes sense. Its a waste of time, generally, and I couldn't agree more... for the most part.
    I will say that it is also possible to raise your voice when faced with a wall of indifference or a tidal wave of varied abuses by companies that insist that all they do is listen to customer request and want to see us smile with satisfaction. When all we really want is to be heard and have provided, services that we have paid for, whether they be communication services, or banking, it makes no difference. If unmet, we'd like to reserve our  plain ability to communicate our dissatisfaction, accordingly. I would like that duly noted, you guys. 'K?- alright then let's have a good week WOOO!

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